d.c.R. Pollock


"d.c.R. Pollock is a genre-blending singer-songwriter from Costa Mesa, CA, who began releasing music from his parent’s garage at 14. He released his first full- length, self-titled record at 16, which featured Michael Gungor (Gungor) on guitar, and Dan Bailey (Father John Misty) on drums. d.c.R.’s style is hard to fit in a single category - its an eclectic concoction of indie rock, experimental, jazz, and R&B; but with a lyrical influences stemming from Hemingway, Eggers, Cohen, and Oberst. As an accomplished musician he uses complex arrangements to carry his equally as well crafted lyrics, while sacrificing the quality of neither."



"Crooner Music for People Who Drink 4 Lokos."

-d.c.R Pollock






Est. 2014

Costa Mesa, CA