Arcadia City Limit

If I ever loved that kid

I spent my summers with

Well, nows the time to let her go

Cause I'll be straddling a stage

In some northern state

I guess They say

that's what these years are for

Ninteen years

You've got plenty more

To Build yourself some debt

And file for divorce

So take your time kid

But I'm still shakin up from this fever dream

I've been sweatin out seven times a week

Where the ghost of my still twin

Ask me what it's like to live

And I can't give

A straight answer to him

So I made some tracks up state

I was baptized in the bay

I Came out, my name was changed

Then the Mystics on that cliff

Pumped me with sedatives

And an infant sense

To be Again

"You're givin weight to that arbiter

With every subtle passing

of the thought of her.

You've got a smoke her out

Like a fox holed den."

And I start to catch a glimpse, a cold vision

We're she's hangin out to dry

On a crucifix

And she's beggin for forgiveness

For she knows just what she did

Then the portrait starts to spin

And my footing starts to slip

So what if there is a God?

So what if we're all wrong?

Jake, I'm scared to die

I'm staggerin to cope

I'm not ready to let her go

Jake, I need more time

I need to steep a couple herbs

I need a few more pages off the calendar

To set things right

Someone needs to call

For that recompense

Before I throw her on the pier

Like an urban witch

Before I find a drink

And say, "I love you, Lianne"

Before a follow a delusion

Just like Orpheus had

But when I turn around

She's still standing straight

and says

"I'm not go back alone

Through those sulfur stained gates

I'm wisdom from a sheek

I'm a Poltergeist dream

I'm the sweetest fruit

On the forbidden tree

You should hate me

You're a fool to not love me.”