Only poetry

Or madness can

Express the depth

That I would tread

To keep you near me

Till the end

Or at least

Till the mornin

And If that kingdoms gunna come

Hold me over till it does

If there's a garden

For us to tend

Let it be

behind our fence

As the animals

Well name our kin

I can't promise

glorys gates

But Could you do

For a good cafe?

If there's a garden

Seat us for two

Tend the table

Well share the fruit

And I won't leave

the check with you

Kid, I love you

And that's not my fault

Why you've got to be

Such a damn charm?

My own Lilith

Scared me sober, so

That cleansing rout

Took me the long way home

And I ended on your porch

I'm a late bud

I'm a coward

Who's war is this?

Theirs or ours?

I fear a garden

Under which

Well all turn

And nourish

While the farm

Grows Ripe and rich

That's why I hid

Behind gears

Of a wheel

And a beard

I made past gardens

A thousand acres

Shared my meals

And roofs with strangers

I bannered the street march

With Sickle and hammer

I haven't held a nine to five since god knows when

I'm more useful in your stance as the marching band

We'd sing from the stands

"'If I had a hammer' I would trade it for a gun

'If I had a bell' I'd burry the sounds as I shot one

'If a had a song' there'd be no one left to listen."

Now, kid I left

And I can't take that back

But a gardens bloomin

In that precious head

And Beside those flowers

We can place to rest

The last few years I've spent

Havin palms read in tents

Only to see the past

Stale visions of Lianne

Turn another tarot

Till I'm damned