Christmas in October

Grab your roll of film

Take it in the yard

American salute

To the avant-garde

Windin back the clip

Till the cameras charged

Standing limbs stiff

In the name of art

Doin what you can

For some cigarettes

Payin off that mystic

With late night shifts

Call from a park

nothin but your skin

Your slurin your words

From those prescriptions

"Do you think that there's a God, Dave?"

What will help you sleep at night?

"Will one more cigarette kill me?"

If your lucky

But I'm sure you'll be alright

Halloween, collapsing

In that parking lot

What were you provin

In pullin some James dean card

What hit you that hard?

A flailing bed sheet ghost

And tourist clothed corpse

Were tumblin around the yard

To hum of a cheap guitar

As they swayed

The music played

A distorted voice sang

We can throw the fireworks

Off coastal piers

Join the shit show mascarade

That says there's purpose here

And in rebellion to our deaths

We'll live thousand years

See every corner of this earth

Feel every hope and fear

And when the sun expands

To consume our home

Well lay out on the roof off the western coast

And as the star approaches

I'll say allowed

I wouldn't be with anyone else

As the lights go out

Kid, I think you've got me feelin things

Has the great ape found some meaning?

I fell for a woman One time or two

But The love sick poet it overused

So, if this county don't kill me first,

I'll place every cliche I've ever heard

Six feet into the earth

And the flailing bed sheet ghost

And tourist clothed corpse

Will dance around their grave

Put somethin real in its place