Cold Tub

Stop at midnight

A cold cup of coffee

A magazine in a booth

When I recognized

One of the Angeles sellin’

A coat on the last page or two

She would act in my town

Worked for minimum wage

She once told me she slept

For an hour each day

Well, She got her dream

I woke up in a motel

An hour east New Mexico

That southern heat

Got me tossin my sheets

Held my knees

Till that bath tub ran cold

Every damn nights Was like a

Pamplona bullfight

Between where I can be

And should

If I shook like bastard

It ain't cause the water

Till I Knocked out like a mcgregor hook

Drive through midnight

My brothers on the line

"I don't think

I'll be home in time

If that trial goes right

I'll take you out

on my dime

We'll drink the peninsula dry"

Get your coat clean

Try not to show

Your damn crooked teeth

We both know youre guilty

Just don't look the part

For an evening

He said

"I ain't lookin sharp

But I'm just my type.

I'll take you up

On that drink 'nother time

That strain in your voice

I can hear when you're tired

I can hear you ain’t spoke

To Lianne in awhile

Don't let her see

I woke up in motel

Texas? Arizona?

I'm not sure

She gets to me

Like El Paso heat

She knocks me out

Like a Mcgregor hook

Knocks me out

Like nobody else could