Hank Williams

Face down in the pavement.

Kid, You've made it

What could be more

god damn patriotic?

If You forget your name

It's for your own sake

It never did

Treat you well anyway

Kid, you know just how to pick em

She was just a jewel

She was faithful

Give or take a night or two

If You forget her name

It's for your own sake

She never did

Treat you well anyway

Not like that stray

From that Ohio night

She looked like Donna Reed

A Little from the side

She said

"If I Had the the chance

To do it over again,

After meeting you,

I think that I wouldn't."

Empty and cheap

Like a Tennessee dive

Don't that hank Williams

make you wanna cry?

If you forget the words

To 'Lost Highway'

Hell, They never did

Treat him well anyway

They say it's poetry

To die young like that

But if it ain't in the back

Of a Cadillac

They'll forget your name

But It's for your own sake

Who wants to be left

With these bastards anyway?

Like Kentucky fireworks

You're lit in the streets

That Louisville mutts

Got a friend you need to meet

I was just lookin for a smoke my man

And maybe the back of a Cadillac

•If I forget where I'm goin

That's fine by me

It's when I forget where it is

I wanna be

•If it ain't somewhere

Then it's someone

If it ain't what you're doin

Then hell it's what you've done

•I never did catch

The reason she left

Like how I ain't leavin in a Cadillac

I just learned to accept it