Hysterical Parade

I'm gunna shave my head

Or just kill off some brain cells instead

I think I'll live in my backseat

Maybe drive up the coast

Thinkin los angelēs

I'll get around to writin that script

Where the working narrative

Is strictly that of fiction

It's coincidence

It's about some trembling voice Kid

And the events surrounding him

Seem to have you questionin

Like when she

Calls him up

Spittin drunk

From a private university

Askin "are you missin me?"

When she

Sobers up

He'll say "enough is enough"

Either you love me sober

Or you don't love me at all

At its groumans premier

I'll have two drinks in hand

When I feel my worst

I dress my best

A hysterical applause

As the academy makes a fuss,

"Drink for everyone, on us!"

And they'll call me from my seat

They'll say," this is a god.

A face everyone needs to meet!"

So I'll tumble down the aisle

I'll walk on to that stage

I'll speak before the whole damn parade,

"We're all

Crumblin dust

On our way to becomin gods

Gasping for some meaning

From montazooma to triply

Really I'm

Just like you

I count my franklins two by two

And if you wanna write a script

There's nothin to it

You just need

A petty plot

About some kids becomin one

And when the critics want it most

You curse their love

And if you time it right

Hell, you'll never die

You can spend

your whole life Goin blind

In the limelight."

All that plagues your nights

Just might subside

The bed sheet ghosts

Eternal life

Absent gods

Orlando frights

Apathy and

Classist crimes

Waisted votes

Choosing tribes

Cosmic jokes

Purpose to life

Dying alone


Believe anything

Just to survive

Gaining sisters

Burying friends

Fallin in love

All over again

Watch my career

Peak and end

Exploit the loss

Of my innocence

All these crooks and day dream frights


of better times

One day, I hope,

Will all subside