Keep The Wealth Safe

Statics cuttin out as the skeptics drone

I'm not a huge fan of the radio

Some middle class manics discuss their torchered youth

As they're Turnin off the tv in some crumbling school

Someone turn it off until we're a little less frantic

Conservative polls are sayin the dollars crashin

The rest of us just need to try and

keep our heads straight

Before there's talk about the war

Of the millennial age

You could always take your life

If you're feelin cheap

If you're pale enough

They just might call it poetry

You've got hole in your pocket

And your hands on your phone

You're gunna call her up and ask I she's heard the comedy gold

They're sayin it's the end

And we've got no where to go.

So I was wonderin if you were busy and if I could take you home?"

You've been dimmin down the lights

With a childhood friend

While she's takin off her dress

Leanin on the her side with that

Three drinks in charm

That glorious mess is

Gunna break your heart

But you love her still

And if we play it safe

With the wages I've earned

I think that we'll make it

So let's keep the black child

From another patent cure

And keep the wealth safe

In that high class curve

As long as there's still a way

For money to be made

Off a white guy singin about

Bein under paid

I think that we'll make it

Those late nights at your brothers

Throwin manic fits

Cryin at the table

On your fourth or 5th

You take that detox walk

through the local park

You're stumblin over backwards

Like a glorious shit

Youre catchin a reflection

You're Lookin barely fed

Since when did you take yourself

So damn serious?

If growin out your whiskers

Wasn't predictable enough

You could always find a cabin

To go pen some songs

Cause if I hear another white child

Tell me that theyre mad

I'm gunna ship em to the Netherlands

Where that can pass

The middle class makes you wanna

Reason to cry

But kid it's over used to claim a miserable life