Revolutions Etc.

Chin up kid

I'll call you when the crowd dies

they're settin flames

To paper maches

Chantin rhymes

I heard the riot claim

"There'll be no martyrs for the state.

Only cowards who failed to learn their place."

So now we hold our liquor

Or we hold our girls

As every dial through static

Calls for war

I'm still young

I can't die

They promised me

A blushin bride

Who'd demand divorce

If I left now?

The grand display of faces

Torched their effigies

As statements

The Uniform formation

Took the effort to displace them


'You tote that heart

Or you Tuck your tail

You show a little grit

n’ you'll land in jail, kid!'

So they made way towards the anchor

As they fumbled with the lens

When the newscast opened up

They heard,"I'm so sorry, Lianne.

I didn't think it'd come to this.

Then again, nobody did.

I want to thank you for the bliss

This time I mean it."

But I feel nothin

Chaos summits, Chaos falls

There's still a face In Austin

I should call

"Are you settled in?

I know, I've been less than frequent

Is that offer still alive

For a visit?

This happens over and over again!"

Before she cut the dial

She claimed, "I dreamt that you loved me.

You held me and starred

Without ever needing somethin from me

But like everything I gave you

It meant nothin by the mornin

Like everything you gave me

I guess it was just due to boredom!"


We all get weary

And sick of tryin

I'm Tired of livin

But I'm scared of dyin

So I'm scrapin at the bottom

Like some glorified pest

Doin my best to make amends

With what I have left

I didn't think it'd come to this.

Then again, nobody did.

I wanna make up for all I've been

This time I mean it.