Young Buck

Nerves get me ramblin

And I start soundin like my old man

Somethin toxic bout the government

She cuts me off like a bum leg


Kid, you're a young buck

A natural romantic

Those sedatives gotchya dancin

Haven't seen ya

In a minute, man


Cleanin dishes

Gettin by

Givin up on

Gettin signed

Pain killers in the cabinet

Feel the crash like Earnhardt

Two days off of work

I'm gunna spend em In a coma

If I wake up in the mornin

I'm doin better

Than the home lot

What's it somethin

Like two dead?

Damn thats a good start

And I'll be next

With her lookin like that

She says she's got some roaches

If I'm Trynna relax

As I'm leanin at the bench

Shakin spins

Trynna learn how to stand

And all I hears Lianne

"Thought you said

You wouldn't do this again."

•Now I'm at her piano

Doin work to my system

I'll never know

Just how Baker did it

A steady diet

Of coffee and Ritalin

pins me to the floor

Tracin circles in carpets

•Im one notch away

From an unwanted hound

I should start rentin

The space on the couch

As I sink between cushions

With the loss of each pound

With a cocktail of ashes

And blood in my mouth

•I'd join her in a bath or a song

While I wait

For the sky to light up

In a hydrogen blaze

I'm not scared, kid

I'm terrified

•So I'll pound this ivory

Till I'm sober or dead

That's how my father

Made his first livin

He once said to me

Like his father befor him

You'll add to the line

Of some grand disappointments

•I'm out of songs

Out of breath

Out of luck

Out of town in the back of a van for some months

Saw the ex at a show

She didn't know who I was

Till I lifted my voice

And sang out her song

Well maybe I wanted

To end up like this

A night on a park bench

Can Strengthen your wit

Tell Lianne that you stayed

At the holiday inn

I blacked out so early

I mean, maybe I did

Maybe bleedin out

On hotel bathroom floors

Was me Trynna wash out

The last year or more

Maybe I quite the road

To be closer to home

Tell me, what was it for?